Vice President of Customer Experience

Gabe Izsak

Gabe Izsak is the Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships with Trak Software, Inc. In this role, Gabe works with a team to optimize all aspects of the the organization, including product positioning within the market, identifying synergies with other organizations, driving customer success and growing the organization’s consulting business.

A big believer in collaboration, Gabe strongly supports the notion that it takes a village to raise a child. To this end, Gabe has developed a number of partnerships over the years to achieve his clients’ best interests and understands that these relationships are paramount to organizational growth.

Before joining Trak, Gabe worked for a diverse range of organizations, ranging from small business startups to larger corporations both within and without the sponsorship and technology fields and has a varied background, beginning with his experience as corporate counsel for a real estate and construction group. After transitioning out of the full time practice of law, Gabe spent years directing numerous sponsorship portfolios from ideation through evaluation for a leading sports event marketing agency and, more recently, working on the inside of a cutting edge sponsorship evaluation technology. These experiences provided the perfect foundation for Gabe’s current role and position him to help each and every one of Trak’s current and prospective clients to make decisions regarding their sponsorship operations.

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