Save 47% of your time with modern sponsorship management software.

Trak helps brands, agencies, and properties automate their corporate sponsorship workflows to maximize ROI.

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Simplify and Accelerate your sponsorship management process by centralizing your work in one place

For years sponsorship management meant old systems and spreadsheets. But once you start growing your team and growing your list of sponsors, that disparate system gets very overwhelmed.

We built Trak with one goal in mind: to give you one place to manage/save and Track everything. Every part of the sponsorship management process happens in one place.

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Drive best-in-class external collaboration and raise the bar for portfolio performance!

Drive best-in-class external collaboration and raise the bar for portfolio performance!

Partners all have a different styles of managing their partnerships based on resources and style of communication.  This can be extremely frustrating and inefficient for both parties. Trak provides one customized central location to manage the uniqueness of every single partnership.

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Make smarter, data-driven partnerships decisions that will ultimately drive the success of your sponsorship strategy.

We understand the importance of managing partnerships and making strategic decisions that align with your sponsorship strategy. That’s why we’ve developed an intuitive CRM specifically designed for sponsorship management.

With Trak, you can easily organize potential and current partnerships, ensuring that every partner is a perfect fit for your portfolio.

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Trak has increased the engagement with our partners allowing us to spend more time throughout the year on conversations about strategy, partnership maximization and ROI, instead of version wrangling and status meetings…Trak is the best thing to ever happen to our department.”

Kate Kasabula, one of Trak's users.

Kate Kasabula

Vice President, Client Services at Baltimore Ravens

What is Trak?

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