Trak's Partnership Building Automation for Brands

Have you ever found yourself caught in the frustrating cycle of chasing specifications and deadlines from multiple sponsorship property partners, only to end up in a last-minute scramble that jeopardizes the success of your sponsorship engagements?

The traditional approach to managing sponsorships often involves tedious negotiations, followed by a waiting game, and then a frantic rush to gather information from Excel trackers or unwieldy PDF documents. It's a process riddled with inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

But with Trak's Partnership Building Automation, you can break free from this cycle of chaos and streamline your sponsorship management from the very beginning.

The Problem with the Current Workflow:

  1. Post-Signing Limbo: After signing the perfect sponsorship agreement, you're left waiting for the necessary information to materialize.
  1. Information Overload: When the specifications finally arrive, they're often buried in lengthy documents that aren't tailored to your specific partnership needs.
  1. Last-Minute Fire Drills: Suddenly, deadlines loom large, and you're left scrambling to submit creatives, coordinate brand ambassadors, and rectify missed marketing opportunities.
  1. Manual Search Efforts: Searching through emails, meeting agendas, and Excel trackers becomes a frantic effort to piece together the necessary details.
  1. Survey Fatigue: Resorting to sending out surveys or spreadsheets to property partners only adds to the administrative burden and delays.

How Trak's Partnership Building Automation Helps:

Fix the problem when you have all the leverage.  Before or shortly after signing your agreement.

Trak offers a comprehensive solution to automate and streamline the partnership building process for brands and their property partners. 

Here's how we do it:

Effortless Partnership Creation: With just three clicks, you can create and share partnerships, streamlining the administrative overhead and saving valuable time.

Comprehensive Welcome Packet: Upon activation and login, all new property partners receive a welcome packet complete with a personalized welcome video, instructional guide, and brand guidelines.

Drag-and-Drop Asset Distribution: Our intuitive platform allows you to effortlessly drag and drop all necessary ‘version controlled’ marketing and media assets to your property partners, ensuring they have everything they need, when they need it.

Clear Expectations: Property partners are empowered to take responsibility for creating the asset list, ensuring clarity and specificity in asset details, including specifications, due dates, and grouping the assets based on your pre-set selections.

Audit Trail and Compliance: Trak's built-in audit trail provides visibility into the entire process, improving compliance and serving as proof of performance after execution.

Conclusion: A New Era of Sponsorship Management

In conclusion, Trak’s Partnership Building Automation represents a paradigm shift in sponsorship management. 

By automating the partnership building partnership, providing enriched asset lists, and integrating specifications and deadlines from the outset. Trak empowers you and your partners to maximize sponsorship performance while minimizing headaches and last-minute scrambles. 

Say goodbye to the chaos of the past and embrace a more efficient, effective future with Trak.

“85% of brand and agency users agree: Trak positively impacts your sponsorship partners.”

Unlock Efficiency: Trak Brand and Agency Users Save 51% More Time

Being a partnership team of two required us to find a software that would allow us to efficiently activate partnerships in a time sensitive manner. Trak software has enabled us to achieve and succeed our activation and renewal goals, while simultaneously preparing for new partners.

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David Vedder

David Vedder - Partnership Marketing and Game Ops

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