Optimizing Your Partnerships with Trak's Account Health Scorecard

In today's collaborative landscape, effective sponsorship management goes beyond checkboxes and end-of-season reports. It's about continual refinement and understanding the nuances of each partnership for maximum impact.

Trak can help you create a valuable tool—the Account Health Scorecard—that allows brands, agencies, and properties to holistically assess their collaborations. This scorecard provides a nuanced, numeric evaluation based on predefined criteria and key performance indicators, fostering a shared understanding of success from the partnership's inception.

To create your personalized Account Health Scorecard, consider factors like:

  • Completion Percentage: Evaluate the successful activation of assets, considering deadlines and approvals.
  • SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) Goal Capture: Rate the sponsorship based on the clarity and specificity of set goals.
  • SMART Goal Achievement: Track progress towards those specific partnership goals throughout its duration, typically on a 10-point scale.
  • Business Objective Capture: Gauge understanding of sponsor’s business objectives during sponsorship activation and alignment of activations to those objectives, also typically on a 10-point scale.
  • Meetings (Planning, Halftime, Recap): Ensure essential meetings occur for smooth partnership execution.
  • Status Call Frequency: Achieve maximum value when communication aligns with set frequency; lower scores reflect interactions whose frequency falls below previously set expectations..
  • Total Additional Touchpoints: Quantify and assess all interactions including phone calls and emails between property and brand or agency.

Tailor criteria, weightings, and maximum scores according to your unique priorities. While SMART goal achievement is often emphasized, recognizing the importance of all facets of partnership activity remains crucial.

Once your formula is established, the Account Health Scorecard empowers you to rank partnerships internally. This ranking system identifies top-performing collaborations and those requiring attention, offering valuable insights for ongoing optimization.

Whether you're a brand, agency,  or property, Trak's Account Health Scorecard is designed to help you meet expectations, enhance partnership longevity, and make informed decisions for sustained success. It's not just a metric; it's a tool for strategic collaboration refinement.

Being a partnership team of two required us to find a software that would allow us to efficiently activate partnerships in a time sensitive manner. Trak software has enabled us to achieve and succeed our activation and renewal goals, while simultaneously preparing for new partners.

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David Vedder

David Vedder - Partnership Marketing and Game Ops

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