Customized plans made to fit your organization

Basic Plan

Plan built to support a one person, growing sponsorship organization.

Business Plan

Solutions designed to fit scrappy teams who are rapidly growing.

Enterprise Plan

Allow multiple teams and external organizations to increase sales.


Simplify your schedule with Trak's intuitive calendar tool.

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Make event planning a breeze with Trak's comprehensive events tool.


Keep track of inventory your sales team is selling to make sure needs are met.

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Get automatic reminders and set your own to get tasks done when they need to be.

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Pull reports summarizing each partnership, each user of Trak, and more.

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5 Dashboards

Dashboard pages on all your major metrics to keep you updated quickly.

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Auto-create orders & legal contracts in real-time with standardized inventory quantities and names.

Multiple Users

Have multiple users under one Trak account. Unlimited number on Enterprise plans.

Pipeline Tracking

Simply track deals as they go through your pipeline, from lead to closed won.

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Visual Workflow

Visualize everything you need in Trak.

Pulse Report

Stay up-to-date at all times with a customized dashboard that provides real time updates.

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Advanced Categories

Organize your partnership information in a way that creates valuable displays, reports and dashboards.

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Recap Presentations

Quickly recap your season, quarter, or month to your clients. Recaps made in less than 10 minutes.

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Invite clients or anyone else to be a collaborator on your account.

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Custom Dashboards

Dashboards that are fully customized by our team to meet your needs.

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Use the Insights tool to get a deeper dive into how people are using Trak.

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Performance Index

See how your company is performing with the performance index.

API Access

Set up an API connection to pull Trak data into any other software your team needs.

Annual On-Site Workshop

Meet with our team of experts and learn from the best managers in the world in person.

Being a partnership team of two required us to find a software that would allow us to efficiently activate partnerships in a time sensitive manner. Trak software has enabled us to achieve and succeed our activation and renewal goals, while simultaneously preparing for new partners.

Trak customer

David Vedder

Partnership Marketing and Game Ops

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