Streamlining Success: Trak's Automated Recaps Transforming the Recap Process

Trak's Mission Control Center has transformed the landscape of real-time portfolio management, garnering acclaim from 72% of our users who find demonstrating sponsorship ROI quicker and more straightforward. Daily users, in particular, witness an impressive 87% positive impact surge with their sponsorship partners.

However, the challenges of traditional presentations persist. PowerPoint fatigue has long been an industry reality, making it challenging to stand out amid the influx of pitch requests and cumbersome email attachments. Crafting the perfect story and customizing visuals often go unnoticed due to the amount of related clutter and noise.

The ubiquitous use of recaps further complicates matters. The labor-intensive process involves sifting through data and images to prove performance, all while attempting to align with original pitch objectives. Increasingly, brands and agencies extract pertinent data for internal reporting, bypassing the voluminous PPTs that originally arrived.

Enter Trak's Presentation feature, a revolutionary digital slideshare solution seamlessly integrated into our SaaS platform. Users can upload Marketing team presentation decks as templates, create customized slideshares, and share them effortlessly. Here's how it works:

  1. Upload Templates: Directly upload presentation decks into the system as templates. Trak offers guidance on what works best.
  2. Create New Presentation: In the Presentations section, click + New Presentation, then select Partnership, Deal, or External based on preference.
  3. Customize: Tailor presentations with storytelling about the tasks, files, proofs, auto-included and more.
  4. Share: that link can be sent to anyone or shared directly through the platform to Collaborators..

Trak's Presentation feature aligns with our task-based organizational approach, automating 85% of the presentation process and allowing users to focus on storytelling, reordering, and final touches. The SaaS-based accessibility and cloud storage eliminate inbox congestion, making sharing seamless across browsers or directly with collaborators through the platform.

Notably, Trak Presentations enhance utility by creating a comprehensive repository for all presentations, facilitating easy alignment with results and objectives without the need for constant follow-ups. The feature also excels in handling multimedia assets, automatically pulling in attachments, allowing for direct downloads, and supporting the playback of ads or embedded videos.

See here for the Four Key Ingredients for the Perfect Sponsorship Recap.

Say goodbye to version control challenges. Trak Presentations enable real-time editing, ensuring a polished delivery without the need for awkward retractions or resends. 

Experience a new era of streamlined and impactful presentations with Trak!

Revolutionize Your Brand Presence: Streamline Portfolio-Wide Messaging and Artwork Updates with Trak to Maximize Asset Utilization & Results

Say farewell to the perpetual challenge of outdated artwork wreaking havoc across your portfolio. In the ever-evolving realm of marketing, the peril of antiquated visuals and messaging slipping through the cracks is all too real, posing a threat to your brand integrity. 

Fear not, for Trak stands as your vigilant guardian, ensuring you never encounter the embarrassment of obsolete creatives in your campaigns. With Trak's robust platform, effortlessly monitor and update your artwork, effectively mitigating the risks associated with outdated content. Our system serves as a fail-safe against the inadvertent display of antiquated creatives, granting you peace of mind and safeguarding your brand's reputation. 

In the dynamic landscape of modern marketing, real-time dashboards, optimal performance, and flexibility are not mere preferences but absolute necessities. Traditional sponsorship approaches often operate statically, leading to potential underperformance and under-utilization of valuable assets. Trak offers a comprehensive solution:

  • Swift Creative Swaps: For brands and agency partners grappling with a high volume of assets, the imperative to swap out creative swiftly is paramount. Trak not only facilitates this process on a task-by-task and partnership-by-partnership basis but takes it a step further by enhancing collaboration, relationships, and accountability.
  • Templatize Communication: Our platform empowers you to templatize all pertinent communications and key materials, neatly organized in the Sales module. This means you can effortlessly deploy changes without waiting in line. Admins can upload updates to these templates, instantly accessible to all relevant parties.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Whether you need to communicate brand guideline revisions, update logos, share common creative elements for LED, Radio, TV, etc., or provide instructions to teammates and partners, Trak's streamlined approach makes it a breeze.

A robust 85% of Trak brand/agency users affirm that demonstrating sponsorship ROI is quicker and more accessible with us, positively impacting their sponsorship partners. 

Elevate your sponsorship game with Trak, the top-rated Inventory Management and Collaboration solution. 

Unleash the power of real-time collaboration, flexibility, and impactful partnerships—all within a single, comprehensive platform!

Being a partnership team of two required us to find a software that would allow us to efficiently activate partnerships in a time sensitive manner. Trak software has enabled us to achieve and succeed our activation and renewal goals, while simultaneously preparing for new partners.

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David Vedder

David Vedder - Partnership Marketing and Game Ops

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