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Increase your recurring revenue, operating margin, and lifetime value of each customer by keeping your team connected with a dependable & smart solution, built just for sponsorship management.

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As a manager of your agency sponsorship program, you're trying to do great work for your clients. Obviously by managing their partners, but also by helping with strategy.

Trak's sponsorship management software helps you manage all of your clients in one place. Not only that, but our software is flexible to work the way your team works. All of this helps you provide a great service to your clients and grow your business.

Optimize each Partnership for Maximum ROI/ROO

Trak lets you stack rank your partnerships to understand which are high performers and which ones need to be optimized. In real-time, our software helps you, your brand clients, and property partners make better activation decisions.

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Accountability and Efficiency with Property Partners

Collaboration and visibility throughout the life of a partnership to increase efficiency and effectiveness from everyone working on the partnership. So everyone has access to the information they need, exactly when they need it, equating to a competitive advantage for you.

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Make Sense of your Internal, Agency, or Property Provided Data with Visual Dashboards

Visually display your partnership information and partnership performance that can motivate your entire team, communicate to any audience and simplify partnerships chaos into easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

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I tried every type of software available and from the sponsorship perspective, nothing ever tackled all the needs as effectively as Trak does. Just because it is so tailored to the sponsorship world. Clients retain us to help ensure that property partners are delivering on sponsorship expectations and are providing the data and performance metrics necessary to validate the relationship.

Sabrina Higdon

Director of Business Development & Account Management at 88 Marketing

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