Trak Software Transforms How Agencies & Clients Work Together: A Case Study from AAA and Aquarius Sports & Entertainment

By Trak
July 20, 2023

If you are reading this post, you know how difficult it is to manage a single sports sponsorship let alone an entire portfolio.   At its core, Trak Software helps clients manage their entire sponsorship portfolio by putting all interested parties on equal footing and creating infrastructure that allows for information and data to flow
seamlessly among all the stakeholders.

Trak spoke with AAA’s C.J. Quirk, Manager, Partnership Marketing and Aquarius Sports and Entertainment’s Shauna Gillem, Chief Client Officer.  They discussed multiple topics surrounding the Brand/Agency/Property dynamic in sponsorship.  C.J. and Shauna share the challenges that confronted them prior to using Trak, the impact Trak has made on their business and their relationship brand/agency partnership in the present and how they envision their approach to their sponsorship portfolio going forward within the context of AAA’s business.

Five reasons AAA uses Trak Software after trying other solutions

1. The only software management solution that allowed their internal group to share critical information across their entire sponsorship & company enterprise with all relevant stakeholders – brand, property and agency

- Broad range of rights holders from NFL teams to Brand Ambassadors

- Ties in Business Units including AAA Affiliates, Membership Services, Insurance and Roadside Assistance


2. Trak internal search solutions let AAA/Aquarius know what creative is running where, when and with what properties across their entire portfolio...24/7

- Able to search by campaign, medium and specs needed to bring it to market

3. Trak can handle & store all types of creative along with ability to archive historical sponsorship performance

- Best-in-class asset management for creative including art, video and audio


4. Trak was easily integrated with all their agency partners & right holders

- Promotes inclusion, education, process to ensure maximum results for all


5. Trak was the only service that was custom built for the sports/entertainment world

- Mass market management tools do not account for what Marketing teams need in this industry

- Allows for activation disruption reconciliations to be seamless and transparent  

Since using Trak with the Ravens several years ago, we realized that the Aquarius team could be much more nimble and efficient through this platform.  It has been pivotal for us to support our clients at AAA execute 20+ regional partnerships spanning much of the country, and helps our team maximize results and bandwidth in the process.  As a leader, Trak provides peace of mind while allowing my team to be more strategic and less reactive, setting our clients up for long-term success.

Shauna Gillem

Aquarius Sports & Entertainment

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