How Trak Software’s Efficiencies Lift Companies like Ilitch Sports & Entertainment (ISE) to New Heights: Case Study

By Trak
May 31, 2023

We are often asked what is the best thing about Trak Software. In this video featuring Trak CRO, Charles “Chip” Reynolds and Ilitch Sports & Entertainment’s Zack Carter, Director of Sponsorship Activation, we are reminded throughout about how Digital Sponsorship Management (built by Trak Software) was and is the gift that keeps giving both internally and externally.

Zack has been an active player and lead the implementation of Trak Software at ISE. After four years of building out a merged entity that includes the Detroit RedWings, Detroit Tigers and 313 Presents (the Entertainment Arm that includes all concerts & events at both venues and the Fox Theater). In addition, the organization is divided into Sales, Solutions (that are serving across the enterprise) and Activation (broken down by RedWings, Tigers and 313 Presents) teams.

This structure has had its challenges but it has been the use of Trak Software that have helped ISE reshape and structure to iron out friction points inherent in “status quo sponsorship” and here are some cited highlights:

Efficiencies Impact #1: 40% of IS&E Partners assets are across the enterprise

  • Created an efficient way to ensure these key partner activations could easily be managed across the enterprise
  • Single touch points for internal personnel with regard to the partner
  • Single touch point for IS&E partners to monitor enterprise activities

Efficiencies Impact #2: Internal & External Personnel Status & Job Completion

  • Post Covid represented lots of changes in personnel both internal & external
  • External personnel changes could be directed to their Trak Login where they can be brought up to speed
  • New Hires could be provided their own custom built Trak Login and introduce quickly to task and client they needed to manage

Efficiencies Impact #3: Trak is seamless connected to their CRM Database

  • All changes in status are automated and reflect in the company CRM

Efficiencies Impact #4: Creative Deadlines, Submissions, Approvals, Performance & Recaps

  • Are now all dealt with inside of Trak Software
  • Trak is flexible enough where it has plenty of storage to manage almost any creative
  • Clients can access the system 24/7 for submissions or even see the performance of assets
  • Seamless automated recaps in Trak tying in all the work significantly cut down on the time spent typically on these

Efficiencies Impact #5: Transformative Client Experience

  • See Points #2 & #4
  • Ability to access any of your assets through Trak Login
  • Build out custom reporting & performance updates for bosses
  • Produce Year End Reporting with a Day of Season End not Weeks
  • Start Renewal Conversations Earlier
  • Easily move assets/implement new activations
  • Connects them with entire organization without communication complexity

This 1+ hour video touches on several key things that make Trak Software an invaluable tool for managing their entire Sponsorship Marketing Portfolio and doing much more as a result.

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