How Tigris and CDW streamline the sponsorship management process

By Trak
April 26, 2023

As sponsorships have evolved to include more assets than ever before, agencies and clients are turning to technology to help streamline fulfillment of deals.

Tigris Sponsorship and Marketing (Tigris), one of CDW’s agencies on record when it comes to the company’s sports sponsorship portfolio may know this better than most.

Less than a year ago the agency transitioned all of their sports assets to Trak and noticed the results immediately.

“As an agency, we became more proficient because we are spending less time on a previously manual process and we were able to automate the process in terms of a central housing location,” said Kelly Baird, VP of Operations & Client Services at Tigris.

Like other agencies, Tigris was tired of being buried amongst hundreds of different spreadsheets.

It’s just how the sponsorship industry has been evolving,” said Baird. “Specifically on behalf of the client, it really allows us to provide them a turnkey solution and a platform that they can use for all their different sponsorships to holistically look at what are all the different assets.”

For Baird and her team, the biggest perk comes with having all of their creative assets for their different partnerships in the same spot.

“Having all of our creative in one spot is a big thing,” mentioned Baird. “You have developed these assets and it’s so helpful to be able to show not only your internal team what’s being run from a messaging standpoint, but to also show your leadership what kind of amplification of sponsorships is tied to the different assets you have.”

Armed with Trak, Tigris has streamlined the reporting for CDW which allows them to have the access to software that enables them to compare different sponsorships against each other.

“They need this kind of central housing system. They know how it works, so they’re excited about the holistic ability to see their sponsorships compared to each other.”

It’s these reports that Baird and her team have seen as the most positive for the relationship between the brand, property, and agency.

“I think it’s (reports) part of the whole package. I think that’s been the most apparent value in terms of being able to run a report that allows you to see what message is being run where and then being able to work on better alignment in terms of what it should be on a quarter by quarter basis.”

Thanks to technology, Tigris has been able to deliver new value to CDW, while integrating the software used by the likes of the Ravens and many more to produce a comprehensive and single place to house assets, conversations, and reports.

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For a deeper dive, Watch this Front Office Sports Webinar recording.

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the broadcast:

Demonstrating relevance is our goal and we use Trak and Tigris to demonstrate CDW’s partnership goals, beyond being seen internally as just the ticket guy - Dan Frystak

We use Trak to connect the dots of performance data and develop and present a narrative of each partnership so we can measure the impact of our investment. - Dan Frystak

We help CDW connect their partnership goals and vision to the day to day management of tracking and measuring each asset’s performance in one central location. - Kelly Baird

We work with partners who will give us all the data in the world, the more important goal is how do we take that data and fit it into one system and understand the comprehensive impact and draw insights? You can’t do that in disparate systems - Dan Frystak

That information needs to be findable, sortable and easily accessible. No solution existed that helped us accomplish this. Once we found Trak, that gave us a single source of truth and that’s a rare find with my need for a customized way to capture everything - Dan Frystak

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