America First Credit Union Manages and Activates Partnerships with Trak

By Trak
January 22, 2024

America First Credit Union uses Trak to streamline partnership management for both AFCU and each partner. Real-time visibility into every partnership deal allows the team to track deadlines, requests, critical data, and more while also managing partnerships from initial signing to deal analysis.

With Trak, the team is saving more time for strategic work, working on-the-go with mobile access, and using partner scorecards to better measure which partnerships are working. Plus, with Trak, partners have real-time access to assets and scorecard information, creating a more collaborative and creative partnership opportunity than ever before.

Key Results

→ Real-time visibility into every partnership

→ More time for strategic work

→ A better, more accurate way to measure partnerships

→ Valuable for both AFCU and every partner

CJ Quirk

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