3 Soccer Clubs Show Best Practices in using the Trak Sponsorship Management Platform to Increase Revenue and Reduce Headaches

By Trak
April 26, 2023

We had the absolute pleasure of hosting a Best Practices Sponsorship Webinar with our partners at the USL. See our customers demonstrate and speak to how they are currently using Trak to accomplish a few critically important sponsorship objectives, all while managing the chaos of COVID-19.

We wanted to take a chance to use the recording to show you exactly how sponsorship teams are growing revenue and keeping pace with sponsor needs, all in Trak's Sponsorship Management Platform.

We broke the webinar into 3 different parts while also including the entire recording (scroll to the bottom) if you'd like to watch it start to finish.

We're ecstatic to showcase 3 of our fantastic partners; Louisville City, Greenville Triumph, and Hartford Athletic.

USL League Blog Post

First up: Pat Denbow of Louisville City

Pat shows the power of sponsorship financials and how that allows strategic use of inventory to achieve maximum yield. Maximum yield on contracts, inventory, and categories of inventory.

You'll see highlights like:

  1. Available inventory
  2. Rate card (rack rate) standardization
  3. Inventory sold vs pending vs available
  4. Pipeline management
  5. Category yield
  6. Category drill down
  7. Inventory yield
  8. Contract and Account management
  9. Build proposals
  10. Associate and add live inventory
  11. Automated and templated contract building

Next up: Meg Kolak of Greenville Triumph (apologies for the scratchy audio)

Meg shows the speed and flexibility from signed contract to completion and Sponsorship Activation tips. How you can keep a long term record of activation with enriched pictures, notes and subtasks.

You'll see highlights like:

  1. Remote employees and staff
  2. No shared drive! Oh no!
  3. How it supports the "sync" meetings
  4. How Trak helped during the 2020 pandemic
  5. Don't do this alone!
  6. Contract and activation accuracy
  7. Flexible subtasks (manage your entire workload, on each asset)
  8. Added value transparency
  9. Visibility into prior and future years
  10. Performance Data alongside Proof of Performance media (IN ONE PLACE!)
  11. Download files in one click

Next up: Allison Mannette from Hartford Athletic

Allison shows the last stage of the sponsorship management process: recaps via Trak's Present tool. This touches on summarizing and presenting partnership highlights to an audience.

You'll see highlights like:

  1. 100% completion and an instant recap
  2. PoP review for each account
  3. PoP tagging on attachments
  4. Recap template customization
  5. Built a recap in less than 12 seconds (2:30 mark)
  6. Customized for each client! :)
  7. Presentation built and populated with imagery, description, and performance data (live on the recording)
  8. Multiple slide types... Show what and how you want
  9. Analytics! Views, downloads, time on slide. Was your recap even utilized by your client?

Full Webinar Recording (30 minutes)

As a quick summary, here's what we covered in the 3 different sections:

  1. Trak CRO Charles Reynolds introduces and guides the discussion.
  2. Financials that help you manage the presale and inventory process; truly the building blocks of any sponsorship department.
  3. Activation flexibility - how does Trak help customers bring their partnerships to life and start delivering on the promises made in the presale process.
  4. Presenting the information back to clients with, mobile friendly, digital presentations that can be built in less than 30 seconds.
Copy of Dayton Flyers Customer Story

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