Make a Sponsorship Activation Plan or Plan to Fail

April 1, 2023
5 min read
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Every single day we spend time with our clients (either Agencies, Brands or Rights Holders in the Sports/Entertainment Industry) helping them maximize their sponsorship portfolio. Trak’s custom configuration process forces its users and collaborators into great habits around execution and implementation of a sponsorship. We recommend to our clients that they overlay a well-developed Sponsorship Activation Plan for themselves (Agencies and Brands) or for their sponsorship partners (Rights Holders). When they combine these plans along with Trak Software, they can count on sustainable results that meet or exceed their expectations with regard to returns on their sponsorship investments.

So what does a Sponsor Activation Plan look like? How can you build one for your company? We want to share how you can easily build your own Sponsor Activation Plan based on our experience and observations of helping thousands of users everyday WIN at Sponsorship.

1. Identify Your Sponsorship Objectives

· There should be no more than five and no less than three

· At least one should be tied to a financial outcome (sales, new customers)

· At least one should be tied to integration of fans to your brand and/or existing customers

· At least one should be tied to connecting your employees to your sponsorship

· All together they should equal 100% usage of your assets

2. Identify Your Sponsorship Strategies

· They should all be connected to achieving an objective

· They should leverage at least one sponsorship asset

3. Identify Every Tactical Element

· Assign Roles and Responsibilities; Internal, External and with Rights Holder

· Establish resource allocations (human, intellectual and financial capital)

Now, copy and paste these into your planning or framework document.

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