Trak's 2024 Ambassador Promotion

Charles Reynolds
March 14, 2024
5 min read
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Trak Ambassador Promotion (Limited Time Only: Ends 5/31/2024)

At Trak, we've always believed that our most powerful marketing comes from the satisfaction and positive experiences of our customers and advocates. Your satisfaction means the world to us, and we are thrilled to extend an exciting opportunity for you to be a Trak Ambassador!

Join our Ambassador Program and share the Trak advantage with your friends and colleagues. If you agree with the 96% of our users who have experienced a positive impact on their roles as a result of using Trak, we want to show our appreciation by rewarding you for spreading the word.

Here's how it works:

  1. Share Contacts: share a list of friends and colleagues in teams, leagues, brands, or agencies who could benefit from discovering Trak. Include their name, title, and organization, or simply send us their LinkedIn profile.
  2. Confirmation: We'll respond promptly, confirming which contacts we'd like to connect with, making you eligible for a reward.
  3. Encourage a Demo: Trak will reach out to your contacts via email and phone to schedule a Trak demo using the information you have provided to us.  We will CC you on this correspondence. Please encourage your referrals to engage and set up that demo.
  4. Earn Rewards: Once the demo is completed, we'll express our gratitude with a $30 gift card for each successful connection. 


Our Ambassador Promotion runs until May 31, 2024. To qualify for rewards, demos must be scheduled (but not necessarily completed) on or before that date.

Thank you for being a valued Trak customer and advocate. If you have any questions or want to delve deeper into this program or anything Trak-related, please don't hesitate to reach out.

We appreciate your continued loyalty, and we look forward to seeing the Trak community grow with your help!

-Charles Reynolds


Can multiple customers receive rewards for referring the same company?

No, only the owner of the first attributed referral via the form above used to take a demo will be eligible for this promotion.

What happens if this promotion ends but the company I referred has not completed a demo with Trak?

You will qualify for a reward as long as your referral has scheduled a demo prior to the end of the promotion. They still must complete the demo for you to receive the reward.  

What is a demo?

60 minute virtual discussion with Trak. We'll tailor how Trak might help your referral.

How / when will I receive my reward?

If you have qualified for a reward, you will be contacted using the email address provided in the form above, and you will receive your reward via email within 30 days of the demo completion.

Can I find out the status of my referral?

We will contact you if and when you have successfully qualified for a reward. If it has been over one month since your referral completed their initial demo and you believe you are eligible for a reward but have not yet heard from us, please contact

How many referrals are up for grabs?

We'll reward up to 1,000 successful referral demos. Limit 10 referrals per person.

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