LoanDepot Presents Opening Day Pick 'Em

April 1, 2021
5 min read
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The Official Mortgage Provider of Major League Baseball, loanDepot, harnessed the power of Opening Day, with a two week promotion leading up to the big day on April 1st. In that two week window fans, were directed on, its team sites and its social channels to predict the winner of every opening day game for the chance to win $200,000. The promotional landing page lived on, but each team also had customized creative and large promotional links on their pages (see images below) that linked back to the actual entry page.

Trak's Take:

1) We love the short-term window of the promotion. Having a cutoff to the campaing creates urgency and relevance to the consumer. Fans cannot put off participating.

2) We mentioned it above, the the integration into the team sites is so integral here. Very few fans are going to visit the MLB general site regularly, but are much more likely to visit their favorite team site and see the promtion. loanDepot is tapping into the fan affinity by customzing the graphics that each fan base sees, rather than a generic single piece of creative.

3) Finally (and this is simple), if you visit loanDepot's website, the first thing you notice, above the fold, is a graphic that touts their affiliation with MLB as the Official Mortgage Provider. Obviously, not every brand has IP rights in their partnership, but we too often see brands spend with properties like this and then having nothing about that partnership on their own websites, which makes no sense!

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