7 Deadly Disparate Tools of Sponsorship

June 20, 2022
5 min read
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How Trak Replaces:

  • Spreadsheets - Excel or Otherwise
  • Shared Drive Documents / Files
  • Email
  • Project Management Toolkit
  • Google Suite
  • PowerPoint
  • CRM Systems

We are often asked “Why do I need Trak…How will it make my company better at Sponsorship?” If your company is an agency, brand or rights holder in the Sports and Entertainment Industry, then you should be considering Trak in order to save more time and money and drive better results. It is that simple and there is no comparison.

Our clients are able to achieve all three because we bring together all things Sponsorship into a single operational platform, eliminating disparate tools so that your fellow employees can work with never before achieved efficiencies.

Our cloud-based solution allows you to collaboratively assimilate both people and technology to drive better results for your company, its employees and clients.

Here are seven tools of the “Status Quo of Sponsorship” that Trak can either integrate or eliminate from your existing “Sponsorship System” along with some explanation.

1. Excel (or any other) Spreadsheets

This tool is most often used by Marketers to manage the company’s Sponsorship Inventory or Assets across a number of sheets layered with complex, linked systems and hard to manage pivot tables. They are generally only understood by one person and difficult to manage across an organization.

With Trak, you can throw those spreadsheets out the door. Our real-time partnership management platform captures every single important detail on every single marketing asset. Trak provides multiple-levels of custom and scheduled reporting that replaces bloated spreadsheets.

No more spreadsheets needed to manage your inventory, in-flight assets, budgeting or any other sponsorship-related spreadsheets. We custom-configure them into Trak under your specifications, not the software’s. Our cloud-based solution creates the space for the content and collaboration to live together in true project-management fashion for ALL of your team members to ensure a seamless transition into Trak and modern Sponsorship Management.

2. Shared Drive

Organizations have long relied on a group Shared Drive to dump spreadsheets, large data files, proof-of-performance pictures or videos, partnership archives and other critical legal or historic documents. Over time (often sooner rather than later) the burden to maintain structural organization is ignored, never started or passed from one unknowing person to another, which leads to a systemic breakdown of epic proportions due to lack of governance.

By comparison, Trak's Cloud-based software solution - along with our industry-leading flexible configuration process - helps you build your very own Operational Control Panel for all your partnerships. All of the information will reside in a single designated cloud-based location for you, your team members and other stakeholders to access via any browser. And we also happen to make a great search tool to help you find everything you need along with a level of compartmentalized organization that a Shared Drive can’t match, making it easier to get to what you need.

3. Emails….Lots of Threaded Emails

Email has many limitations - storage capabilities, file sizes, organization capabilities - yet many people rely on email for information sharing and important next steps. Unfortunately, those emails may have been deleted or the threads are hard to follow making your inbox overwhelming and stressful.

With Trak, notifications automatically trigger contextualized updates and files up to 300 Megabytes can be shared directly with all the context attached automatically. Account managers no longer need to send packaged, bullet-pointed emails to update progress or work with clunky FTP sites to share large files. With all the relevant information logged inside Trak, finding attachments, details or notes becomes much less painful.

4. Project Management Software (Trello, Asana & Basecamp)

Many organizations utilize popular project management services like Trello, Asana and Basecamp to assign tasks and manage deliverables on projects within their organization. With full adoption, these tools are effective in completing projects on time and keeping the right people in the loop. However, these tools are not built to manage Sponsorships and lack the custom-created features built for the needs of the partnership marketing space. Trak was built for the Sports & Entertainment industry and designed to fulfill all of your custom needs specific to your business.

Trak allows for all of the right stakeholders to play a role in taking every partnership from signature through execution of each and every asset. Unlike these other tools, Trak can also play into pre-sale deal management, strategy facilitation and tracking the work with some extensive configurability unavailable from off-the-shelf project management tools. Trak also houses all of the data related to each partnership and enables its visualization through graphs, digital presentations, performance and results.

5. Google Suite

The Google Suite is a cloud-based system with remote friendly functionality for team collaboration just like Trak. However, this is where the similarities end. Google Suite comes with various software programs offering collaboration like Sheets and Docs and you can create your own Drive files to store documents, but they are still disparate systems in of themselves and trying to connect them together is nearly impossible.

Trak eliminates these barriers of connecting the content of Sheets, Docs and Drive data in one intuitive place. Using our proprietary configuration process, Trak transforms the data and makes it dynamically accessible. This information transformation also comes with a built-in notification system that ensures that everyone is on the same page and kept up to date as information changes.

6. PowerPoint

Since the early 90’s PowerPoint has been the software of choice for marketers in building out sponsorship pitches and client recaps. And for most Sponsorship Marketers it can be a huge endeavor to build out and store your entire portfolio in these documents. In addition, these files tend to be large, clunky and difficult to share with the very people you hope to impress.

Trak is designed to eliminate all these challenges and give you back more time to win and woo clients. With all the creative and attachments organized in the Trak system, the PRESENT feature makes it easy to pull together all work files and data by prospect or partner and share any information with them in a matter of clicks via cloud-based digital slideshares that don’t eat up email storage. Clients will also be able to store and build out an archive or library for all of their presentations consisting of files from throughout the year or season. They can access it quickly for other potential prospects or partners.

7. CRM

CRM’s can be the friend of sales, managing contacts, inventory and deal traction as valuable records, but don’t do much for activation or media management. Structurally, they are different from project management systems, which presents issues when it comes time to shuttling and tracking media. Using them for activation can break down due to complications and double-work, losing people to disparate systems along the way.

Trak won’t compete with CRM’s as a “cash register” or a contact manager. However, Trak has CRM functionality for deal building and tracking, contracting and post-sale activities from onboarding to media shuffling, tracking, data analysis and presentations. Trak can also create profile fields and allow for data capture.

Trak is designed for dynamic collaboration of complex partnerships and file trafficking, which CRMs structurally can’t handle. Notably, Trak can also integrate with more robust Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRMs.


The more disparate systems your team has deployed, the more trapped you become and time you spend trying to keep up and communicate what’s going on. This notoriously leads to employee burnout and turnover and reduced results when it comes to delivering on the work and expectations – especially in today’s digitally-driven marketing environment.

Deploying Trak and leaning on its expertise can help you mitigate the need for all these tools, free up your time and help you completely differentiate yourself, all while making the results standout and enhancing the experience you provide your partners. Relationships only get better with process automation!

Trak’s renewal, growth and customer satisfaction rates suggest that there is no going back to status quo once you’ve digitally transformed your operations with Trak.

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