A Spotlight on The Waste Management Phoenix Open

February 11, 2021
5 min read
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Typically, we spotlight a specific short term or current promotion on this platform, but in light of one of the most unique golf events of the year (if not the most), we wanted to break from the norm a little and spotlight a longstanding partnership.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open has been played since 1932, but brought Waste Management on as the title sponsor in 2010, which has catapulted the tournament into a very unique niche. Typically overlapping with the Super Bowl, the tournament strayed from the norm of what many fans see as a "stuffy" sport and made the event more of a party than a country club feel. The iconic par 3 16th is completely enclosed by fans and typically features golfers (in early rounds) wearing football and basketball jerseys, throwing footballs into the crowd and a raucous environment. The way they have embraced their place in the golf and sports calendar has been an impressive case study.

Trak's Take

1) Waste Management has not gone with the typical subtle approach of most golf sponsors - they have gone the opposite direction and pasted their logo everywhere a logo can be placed. While that would get old if every tournament was that way, it is somewhat endearing for this tournament, especially with the color scheme...

2) Speaking of which, the historical "green out" tradition for fans on Saturday is brilliant. You get fans wearing your colors, which also happen to be the color of grass and you use the platform to encourage a "green" lifestyle as a company in the waste services industry. The alignment is perfect.

3) Finally, the collaboration of the tournament sponsor and tournament committee to make this tournament the #ThePeoplesOpen has made golf approachable for fans who maybe are not as comfortable in a normal golf environment, but in the process have not turned off fans who love golf and want to see the best in the world compete.

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