The Masters of Simplicity

April 8, 2021
5 min read
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How could we post about anything this week other than The Masters? Typically, we are spotlighting multi-layered and uniquely creative sponsorships.

This is a different spotlight: the simplicity of the The Masters sponsorship strategy, both in number and exposure. The Masters limits their global sponsors to just a handful, including IBM and AT&T. The on-site and digital presence is simple and subtle, even minimalistic.

However, there is so much less noise around The Masters, that their partners are, as a result, more recognizable.

Trak's Take:

1) As stated above, the lack of competition and noise in the partnership space around the Masters makes the exclusive partners more recognizable and more valuable. It just means more.

2) The drawback to that, in our opinion, is that it limits the integration a sponsor can have. Beyond logo placement (and likely incredible hospitality for their top customers that the average fan does not see), the opportunity for partners to go deep with their partnerships and use their creativity is limited. It is part of what makes The Masters, The Masters, but the ROI and measurement driven purchasers out there may find it hard to justify the spend on something like this.

3) One thing that caught our eye this year is the entrance of The Masters into the fantasy world. A very conservative organization and event now has their own fantasy platform that lives on their website and app. The platform was developed with one of their global partners, IBM, utilizing their Watson technology for AI insights into players. This is a noteworthy step towards modernization for the most traditional sporting event. We will be curious to track the evolution of this in future years and whether or not they allow more sponsors to tie-in to the game.

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