Super Bowl LV Experience gives Lowe's Rare On-Site Access

January 30, 2021
5 min read
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In a year where being able to attend a sporting event has been a rarity, Lowe's is getting a unique opportunity to interact in-person with fans around the Super Bowl in Tampa. The Experience launched Friday, January 29th and will continue for most of the week leading up to the Super Bowl (ending Saturday the 6th), across three parks on the Tampa Riverwalk.

Trak's Take:

1) It is simply fun to see someone try and activate in-person at an event - something we have not seen or been able to help with much this year.

2) The thoughtfulness displayed with the virtual interactions, specifically the player meet and greets, is a nice innovation in a difficult year. We will be interested to see how the actual activation goes off.

3) The risk here is attendance and the delicate balance between wanting to activate and keeping people safe. If fans choose not to show due to COVID concerns, a well thought out idea could flop for Lowe's. The important thing, though, is they are trying.

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