How to Maximize Your Sponsorship Beyond Broadcast TV Exposure

June 5, 2023
5 min read
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For the first three decades of sponsorship, broadcast television and the assets that came with it were the most coveted and valuable assets that you could secure.

In fact, many sponsors did little or nothing to leverage their sponsorship other than run thirty second spots or bring clients to a game to sit in regular seats.

Fast forward to 2023 and there are so many options for how you can maximize your sponsorship….and perhaps in ways that are more meaningful to your brand, customers and fans.

We'd put our heads together and we'd like to offer this perspective, of how your company can maximize your sponsorship beyond the broadcast TV assets.

1. Digital Marketing:

These assets are quickly becoming more powerful than Broadcast TV.

They can be more personal & powerful and their viral nature provides the opportunity to create something greater than sum of your entire deal.

Leverage these rights and assets to create digital marketing campaigns that reach the intersection of your target audience, current customers and fans of your sponsorship property.

a. Social Media Marketing

i. Operate, Activate & Respect the unique environments within each channel. Leverage the SM channels where you are strongest first.

ii. Combine them with your sponsorship assets to create engaging social content that resonates with your audience.

iii. Use & Create relevant hashtags to drive engagement.

b. Email Marketing

i. Leverage your internal databases & ask for permission to use rights holder database.

ii. Create email campaigns that showcase your sponsorship in two ways.

1. Connect your customers to the rightsholder

2. Connect fans to your brand Segment accordingly (ie. B2B offers to suite owners or other premium ticket holders)

iii. Must use the sponsored property's imagery and your branding to drive brand recognition, authenticity and loyalty

c. Influencer Marketing

i. Partner with social media influencers & content creators who align with your brand values along with sponsored property

ii. Leverage their reach and influence to generate buzz around your brand and sponsorship

2. Smaller but more passionate groups

Live Events: Sponsorship assets can be used to create unique and engaging live events that connect with consumers in a more personal way.

a. Product launches/New Product Introductions

i. Launch new products or services at the sponsored property or event

ii. Leverage sponsor equity to connect with fans & create buzz

iii. Use rights-holder IP and product IP to make it special for fans & your current customers drive excitement

iv. Pair it with special events (opening day, senior weekend, post season)

b. VIP & Exclusive Experiences

i. Create exclusive VIP experiences for your most loyal customers

ii. Leverage access to a private lounge, meet and greets with athletes or celebrities, or backstage tours

iii. Create your own experiences after party, private concert or debuts/showings

3. PR, Community & Media Outreach:

Your sponsorship assets can be leveraged to generate positive media coverage for your brand. This could include press releases, media interviews, and strategic partnerships with journalists and influencers.

a. Press Releases

i. Issue press releases that highlight your sponsorship

ii. Or your brand's involvement in the sponsored property or event.

iii. Or to industry relevant trade media or industry content creators

b. Media Interviews

i. Offer your spokesperson or executives for interviews with relevant journalists or media outlets, team broadcast partners

ii. They can speak to the value of the sponsorship

iii. And how it aligns with your brand values & sponsor partner

c. Strategic Partnerships

i. Partner with relevant influencers, journalists, or bloggers

ii. Community Organizations, Non Profits, Charitable Organizations

iii. All can help you amplify your message

4. Branded Content/UGC:

Create high-quality branded content that aligns with your sponsorship assets or expands your connectivity to fans and customers

a. Videos

i. Create videos that showcase your brand and the sponsored property

ii. Include interviews with athletes or celebrities

iii. Official or Unofficial behind-the-scenes footage or highlights

iv. How to, Insider, Fantasy/Sports Betting or Historical content

b. Blog Posts, Podcasts, Newsletters

i. Create blog posts that highlight your brand's involvement in the sponsored property or event.

ii. Interviews with your brand executives, coverage of your product launches or exclusive events, or general commentary

iii. Invite relevant guests to share their insights and perspectives on the property or event, and how it aligns with your brand values.

5. In-Store/On Premise Promotions:

Use your sponsorship assets to create in-store promotions that drive foot traffic and sales. You can also inspire your own employees and vendor partners

a. Limited-Time Offers

i. Offer limited-time promotions or discounts that align with the sponsored property or event

ii. Can be extended to exclusive merchandise including NFTs (existing or new)

iii. Reciprocal Bounce Back Offers

b. Product Demonstrations

i. Use the sponsored property or event to showcase your products or services.

ii. Sampling/DTC Sales

iii. Custom Surveys/Focus Groups

c. Special Events

i. Host special events at your store that align with the property or event

How Does Trak contribute to your company’s sponsorship lab

By instituting Trak at your company, you have a tool that ensures nothing goes unmeasured or unreported when it comes to your individual sponsorships. Since Trak is highly configurable you have the ability to archive, measure and analyze one or all of these activations. Whether you are an Agency, Client or rights-holder, you have a way to understand how your entire portfolio is performing. And in most cases, Trak has the ability integrate the reporting and monitoring that these tools provide seamlessly and automatically.

In addition, Trak can create customized reporting of all sponsorship activations and even build out wrap up/ year end reporting in a matter of clicks not days, weeks or months.

Trak Software will ensure that not only are you protecting your investment in sponsorship, but it will make sure that you are optimizing your investment in the tools that are already part of your company and your sponsorship engagement.

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