Greenville Triumph SC on Playing Much Bigger via Trak Software’s Collaboration Service

August 26, 2021
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Greenville Triumph SC on Playing Much Bigger via Trak Software’s Collaboration Service

Tale of the Tape:

Entering 2019 season: 96% renewal rate

Entering 2020 season: lost 0 partners amid global pandemic

Entering 2021 season: goal of 93% renewal rate achieved


2019 season: 18 corporate partners

2021 season: 90 corporate partners (most in USL League One). Notable positive impact on Fortune 500 clients via Trak’s client collaboration module.

Budding soccer club Greenville Triumph SC has utilized Trak Software since the club’s inception to help their partnership reach to the next level.

“We are a third year club and still very much in our infancy stages,” said Megan Kolak, Vice President of Partnership Marketing & Community Relations. “So we have a lot of opportunity and development ahead of us. There’s a lot of growth within our club that we all plan to take to the next level.”

Between bringing on a new women’s team in 2022 and plans to build a brand new soccer specific stadium in the near future, the organization is ripe for new developments and for partners to ride the wave of growth ahead.

“Trak has really helped us in the vision of where we are going, from proof of performance to the internal and external side of things,” said Baretta.

The team has continued to foster relationships and hone in on an internal vision that is then projected outwardly to the Greenville community and the club’s partners. With partners now approaching the team with expressed interest in aligning visions, the emphasis continues to be placed on establishing goals and building brand awareness.

“We don’t want transactional sponsorships, we want partnerships,” said Kolak. “If we are looking for something or need something, our partners are a phone call away. They are truly down to collaborate.”

“Trak has been a great communication tool and it gives you the ability to manage your own projects yet still allow for great collaboration. Before we switched to Trak, we had Excel files upon Excel files. And everyone would have to take turns maneuvering within those files.” Notably, being all-too familiar with the perils of activating this way and the reactive nature it comes with, Greenville signed on with Trak before it's first inaugural kickoff on the pitch.

The Greenville Triumph team includes Trak as part of each partner’s onboarding process, walking them through the different flows of communication and highlighting the ways they can see immediate transparency in real time. The benefit has produced a residual effect as multi-year partners are able to look at past collateral and performance metrics in order to plan ahead for the upcoming season of activations.

“When I was approached about Trak, I was very much on board,” said Kolak. “Immediately, it was easy to navigate, easy to understand. It was user-friendly. It’s incredibly transparent to see where a project is sitting. The Trak team helped to onboard all of our partners, their assets, and a full calendar of scheduled activations.”

“Having that one centralized location, I feel like Trak is the Slack of corporate partnerships,” claimed Baretta. “It intertwines all departments: partnership fulfillment, partnership sales, ticket sales, marketing. It’s also been amazing to see that we have received buy-in from the large Fortune 500 companies who see how professional and seamless the onboarding process is."
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Bottom line: “So why Trak?”

Megan Kolak: “It’s user friendly. It’s an organizational tool. It’s real-time transparency for internal team members as well as external partner collaborators. It’s accountability. And it’s project management. It keeps everyone on the same page.”

Chris Baretta: “It’s affordable but more importantly, there's not a price that you can put on what it’s provided our organization. It’s worth it in more ways than one. We are grateful for the partnership. The platform has transformed night-and-day over the years. Trak has invested a lot into the platform and we are looking forward to the organization becoming engrained throughout the sports industry.”

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