Back at the National Sports Forum & Better Than Ever

April 28, 2022
5 min read
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This past February, Trak was named the winner of the 2022 National Sports Forum (NSF) Tech Tank in Austin, Texas. It is always great to be honored in a competition judged by industry veterans that comprise the NSF Steering Committee in front of 110 sponsorship marketers.

Trak became the ONLY 2X Winner of this competition (we were winners in 2017 as Sponsorship Buddy before the rebrand), making it doubly special. You can view our winning pitch made by Trak’s Cameron Oliver here.

As a company, like many other familiar faces we saw, we recommitted ourselves to reconnecting with customers and prospects in-person. We were excited to see how our technology would be received by an industry that has undergone significant changes since 2017 – most dramatically in the last 24 months.

We were also confident that our technology has evolved to continue exceeding shifting industry needs (“make goods” anyone?). We looked to this competition to prove that our work over these past five years has met or exceeded the needs of our audience. It didn’t hurt to have dozens of happy clients there to back us up.

In fact, our biggest take away from talking to NSF attendees is that Trak is more valuable and relevant than it has ever been. In the words of Kate Kasabula, Baltimore Ravens’ VP of Client Services (Trak client since meeting at NSF in 2016, here is the case study),

“Trak is the best thing that ever happened to our department.”

We thought we would share some quick highlights/common themes and how Trak manages them for our clients:

  • Sponsorship is more complex and dynamic than ever before. Sponsors have more options, more activations, and more customization to their relationships with rights holders. Sponsorship integration is key to success for all parties…but the demands are way beyond what was happening in 2017 and the “status quo” is no longer good enough.
  • Trak’s cloud based software creates a SINGLE operational environment where rights holders and brands can operate with a never-before achieved transparency. All tools, tracking and communications live on your personalized Trak-configured “homepage for your partnerships”. This reduces reliance on analog tools like spreadsheets and threaded emails. You know exactly what is happening across the entire matrix of your sponsorship integration from beginning to end. No more just waiting for a Recap report at the end of a season.
  • The Sports Industry (and others like it) is in the middle of a personnel crisis. Employees of all levels are frustrated with the time consuming and inefficient nature of how these processes and relationships are laboriously managed. During COVID, key personnel left or were asked to leave…many are not coming back, bandwidth is stretched and applications are way down. Evolution in terms of business and personal life practices is upon us all.
  • Trak license holders know & quickly recognize how we are able to bring marketing automation and efficiencies that the industry has not previously experienced (read about Trak’s 2021 client survey results for more). Those managers now have more time to be strategic and do what is most important while focusing on growing relationships and innovating.
  • We believe that the impact speaks for itself - happier employees, better results and greater overall satisfaction. This is the case regardless of whether you’re a brand, agency or property representative.

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