Clear Bags Becoming a Fashion Statement at Texas and Beyond

August 29, 2021
5 min read
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As we start the 2021 college football season, my wife has been telling me about a designer clear bag she wants for game days. Can you imagine that being a conversation 10 years ago? Not only is it a conversation now, but the industry leader, Kelly Wynne, has jumped into the sponsorship world as the presenting sponsor of the University of Texas clear bag policy: Steer Clear. What a brilliant play!

Trak's Take:

1) Rarely does a sponsorship have a perfect tie-in for product placement. Obviously, Ford or State Farm could have been the presenting sponsor and gotten good promotion out of it, but not with near the same power!

2) As buyers and sellers in the sponsorship world, the home run is measurable revenue generation. This certainly one that we would think would produce just that. If my wife, halfway across the country, is talking about this brand, then surely UT fans will be buying these in droves...and at $140-175 each, this placement could pay off nicely.

3) It will be interesting to see what social media placement they get leading up to game days and even on-campus or on-site game day retail space.

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