Trak-ing Potential: ‘GO’, The Suns Gorilla, Partners with Guest List

May 24, 2021
5 min read
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Sports partnerships are already quite the complex undertaking. One asset alone often requires synchronized coordination across multiple departments. Within a sports team, these synergies are magnified when factoring in the different range of opportunities that are available: home games, away games, practices, community appearances, social media. All a mere tip of the colossal partnerships iceberg.

The Phoenix Suns recently struck a historic partnership. Their mascot - The Suns Gorilla, known as ‘GO’ - became the first professional sports mascot to secure a brand endorsement inclusive of select footwear, apparel, and accessories. The first-of-its-kind deal with local retail spot Guest List will likely see the mascot adorned in the shop’s clothing during multiple opportunities.

With such a unique sponsorship asset as this, all convention goes out the window. For example, if you are considering an in-stadium piece of signage, you are already coordinating across partnerships, stadium operations, game operations, and graphic design (at a minimum) to get things launched. For this partnership, there are numerous ways in which this can be activated:

  • ‘GO’ repping Guest List clothing
  • During home games
  • Arena entrances
  • On-court TV timeout opportunities
  • Meet-and-greet with fans
  • Community appearances
  • Meet-and-greet with fans
  • Autograph sessions at Guest List location
  • Social media
  • Giveaway opportunities
  • Ex. Phoenix Suns’ fan to win shopping spree at Guest List
  • Personalized swag line for The Suns Gorilla

These potential elements only scratch the surface of the possible activations at hand, with each presenting its own set of challenges:

  • How often will the sponsor be included in on-court opportunities?
  • What type of social coverage is the sponsor hoping to achieve? Increased exposure? Association as a “Proud Partner” of the team? Showcasing specific products?
  • Once imagery is captured (live photos, meet-and-greet recaps), how will the partnerships team receive that in a timely manner?
  • For potential of added value, how will this be calculated? # of appearances? Additional Guest List apparel incorporated into regular attire?

With the team already activating the partnership across social media, it will make for an interesting scope of opportunities for the organization to internalize.


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