The Trak Intern: An Unexpected Journey

Thomas Wirth
April 3, 2024
5 min read
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Hi, I'm Thomas Wirth, and I am thrilled to share my journey as one of the inaugural interns at Trak Software.

After a rewarding five-year stint playing college football in Oregon and earning a degree in exercise and health science, you might wonder why I'm interning at a partner relationship management software company.

During my time at Willamette, I was certain about staying connected to sports beyond my playing days. Initially drawn to sports medicine as an athletic trainer, my goal was to contribute to athletes' physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

However, as my final year unfolded, I realized that the health side of sports was not where I wanted to focus my time and energy. I made a conscious shift towards the business side of sports. Graduating in December 2022, I embarked on an extensive job hunt within sports organizations.

I would get a letter back one, two, or even three months later saying how impressive I was as an applicant but that they were going with someone else. These setbacks, coupled with considering temporary work options, led me to the door of my local McDonald's, only to receive another rejection.

Facing the challenge of lacking the industry experience they sought in a recent graduate, I sought ways to gain the necessary expertise. This pursuit motivated me to apply to Georgetown University for a master's program in sports management, prompting me to pack my whole life into my car and drive the 2,856 miles cross-country from Oregon to Washington D.C.

Arriving in a new city with no sports connections, I attended a networking event, a Washington Commanders game. Despite having much to learn about effective networking, I secured my first part-time job in sports, assisting with gameday operations for the NWSL team, the Washington Spirit.

While unrelated directly to sponsorships or partnerships (I did have to move my fair share of the partnership field boards around though), it provided a foothold as I continued applying for internships and positions.

When I applied to Trak, I admittedly had little knowledge of their services and their relevance to sports organizations.

Thankfully, they took a chance on me. Working here, I swiftly recognized that partnerships and sponsorships are vital for any organization's sustenance, and those managing these areas need effective tools, especially during the frenzied season.

Trak's primary goal is to provide a unified platform for teams, brands, or agencies, streamlining partnership management, planning, and execution. This allows organizations to allocate more time to selling, improving communication, tracking metrics, and ensuring the success of partnerships.

One of the invaluable aspects of my experience at Trak has been the opportunity to connect with industry experts, learning the in’s and out’s within the sports industry. As professionals we are constantly looking for ways to be at the top of the mountain and it’s important to remember that the higher you go the thinner the air gets and the more difficult it is to carry on.

Trak has been my Oxygen tank that has allowed me to learn the sports landscape as well as some of the best practices when trying to navigate it. Maybe Trak can be a fresh breath of air for sales leaders, activation managers, brand coordinators, and sponsorship bigwigs to work smarter, not harder, and get the most bang for their buck.

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