Rolex Cleverly Dominates

December 30, 2020
5 min read
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It is not obnoxious, but Rolex is by far the most visible brand on The partnership is a longstanding one and makes a ton of sense from a fan demographic standpoint, but the integtration is the most impressive part of the partnership. They perfectly merged the high-end brand with a subtle, but valuable tie-in with a global game.

Trak's Take:

1) The tee time toggle button on the Leaderboard page would have been a cool enough digital partnership as is. As a golf fan myself, I find that very interesting and informative, especially for tournaments like this week out in Maui - a long way from the Eastern time zone. This is a great example of moving a potentially static and stale digital banner advertisement to an informative, creative, usable piece of your site that your visitors interact with. Other examples include schedule integration, kickoff countdowns and many more. There is definitely demand from brands for this type of "premium" digital asset.

2) Speaking of this week, the home page static banner is not just a Rolex ad like many banners are - it serves as a local clock, as well as a real time clock for the location of the current week's PGA event. That is a symbiotic element to this partnership, where it also serves as an event promotion for the tour.

3) The next step of the partnership in my opinion is integration into the PGA Tour app. I would venture to guess that far more fans are engaging with the app to track tournament results, especially, and adding the toggle on there would complete the promotion.

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