Qualtrics Captures the Depth of Jazz Fan Experience

28 Apr 2023
5 min read
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The most iconic moments in sports are often captured through video, but going back decades, even more so through unforgettable photos. Qualtrics is utilizing that power in their social media promotion with the Jazz called PhotoExperience where the post a high quality photo of something Jazz related through their social media channels and include a quote from the photographer describing the experience and what went into the shot.

Trak's Take:

1) This is the first time we have seen a photo promotion go this far to provide the insight into not just what is in the photo but what is behind the photo.

2) If you spend any time on the Qualtrics website, their brand theme quickly stands out with the word "experience" and we love how they carry that over to this promotion. Their value proposition is experience, depth and information, which all pair very nicely with the concept of what is captured in a photo.

3) Though this promotion was not brand new for this season, it is timely in that fans are not allowed the same in-person access to the team as they typically would be, so any behind the scenes or unique access like this is a unique substitution and should garner great engagement.

More examples:




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