It's [almost] the end of the season; Did we activate everything? How to avoid poorly executed partnerships

September 21, 2022
5 min read
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You have 3 games/events/concerts left

You start rummaging through contracts, scans of contracts, outdated spreadsheets, CRM database; if you're lucky, a service module of some kind. To see what you have left to execute.

Then, after about 3 days of looking and 4 more days having your teammates look.

After a full week, you finally come to the conclusion that you "think" you have:

- 2 game/event/concert series sponsorships,

- 4 pre-game seat placement giveaways

- 2 car displays

.... among a myriad of items left to execute (not to mention the countless proof of performance pictures you've missed). #stressed

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Then you think:

How am I almost done with the season?
How is there still this much to execute?

Then you scramble to put together the event sponsorships and cobble together some "make goods" to fulfill your last perishable assets for the season. You made it.

You know you are going to find the real truth after you put together your recaps.

The balance of managing forecasted revenue for the year and making sure everything you've sold doesn't fall to pieces.

I get it. I was there, season after season. You get tunnel vision as you claw to the revenue finish line without time to pay attention to activation.

The end of the season is a stressful time to be in partnership sales. Early renewals, make goods, limited amount of games left, etc..... It's a tough time of year.

Having to observe many poorly executed partnerships at the end of the season is exactly why we built the "percentage to completion" feature inside Trak - here's a snapshot of how it works.

How Trak solves the problem:

In every partnerships page you can see exactly what you have left to execute. Every single partnership, every single asset.

You then have robust sponsorship activation reporting to identify what's left to execute, regardless of which partnership.

I just found 9 things left to do.. phew!

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Trak reduces the end-of-season-stress by providing a platform that can put you in the best position to find unfinished contract items, activate those final pieces of each partnership then communicate how you nailed your clients’ return on objective.

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