Fan Spotlights Break LS Tractor into College Sports

January 14, 2021
5 min read
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Building on its dip into NASCAR in 2019 (sponsoring Jeb Burton), utility tractor brand LS Tractor is in its second year of collegiate partnerships with North Carolina and NC State. The partnerships are slightly different, but have the same bent: a platform for fans to nominate other fans who deserve to be recognized for their work in the community.

At North Carolina, the promotion is focused generally on nominating heroes in the community who have made an impact during challenging times.

At North Carolina State, it is focused more specifically on front line workers. The individuals who are chosen to be spotlighted receive a prize pack, including a new cooler, and are posted on each school's website.

Trak's Take:

1) In addition to digital and radio assets, LS Tractor has been wise to use a the Carolina Insider podcast (at UNC only) as an additional promotional outlet. Collegiate sports rightsholders are limited in not having TV assets, so that is a great new media inclusion in the partnership.

2) NC State, in particular, had some great graphics posted on their contest page for each of the winners. (screenshot below) Those are powerful spotlights on fans when the fan base (and our country) need positive stories. We would love to see those posted on social media (they may have and we could have missed them).

3) If LS Tractor has a blue collar target market, NASCAR and college sports in most states will be a great way to reach their demographic, so the alignment makes sense to us - we will be on the lookout for a deeper dive into college sports across the country!

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